Dr. Diego Dougherty continues reaping successes as a sports surgeon in the country of his birth: Guatemala. Since he decided to specialize in arthroscopy and sports surgery in the University of Cleveland in the United States, all he has done is win.

Nowadays, Dr. Diego Dougherty is regarded as the best sports surgeon in the country, thanks to his incredible commitment, solid knowledge and invaluable professional experience.

Without a doubt, Dr. Diego Dougherty has become an eminence in this type of surgery that consists in conducting medical procedures that repair and injury or damage to the body as a result of playing sports.

Dr. Diego Dougherty shines

Being recognized as the best sports surgeon in Guatemala is the result of hard work, dedication, wisdom and expertise. It is not something just anyone can accomplish, but Dr. Diego Dougherty stands out among the rest and truly shines.

Dr. Diego Dougherty dedicates his time, dreams and efforts to sports surgery and it has all been worth it. Currently, he has his own sports clinic and rehabilitation center in Guatemala and until now everything has been a great success.

Dr. Diego Dougherty y and his sports clinic

Recently, Dr. Diego Dougherty opened his sports clinic to help patients, men and women between 15 – 80 years of age who have suffered an injury which prevents them from living a full life.

The clinic opens from Monday through Saturday and Dr. Diego Dougherty Works tirelessly as a sports surgeon. Saying he was an eminence in the field would be an understatement and the gratefulness and respect of his colleagues and patients is a testament to this.

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