There is no doubt that there is plenty of people who can make films, but very few who can stand out in that field and create works that can change the history of the silver screen forever.

Alfonso Cuarón is a Mexican filmmaker whose career spans over 30 years directing, producing, and writing scripts for different films.

These films include “Harry Potter”, “And Your Mom Too”, “A Little Princess”, “Children of Men”, “Gravity” and “Desierto”, “Roma”, among many others that have placed him among the best filmmakers in the world, receiving the most important awards in different film festivals; Cuarón is the first Spanish-speaking director in receiving an Oscar for Best Director. 

We must also mention that Alfonso the father of three: Jonás, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón, who, one way or another, are following their father’s footsteps in different artistic disciplines.

Jonás Cuarón, who is 41 years old, is currently a film director and has collaborated with great celebrities such as Gael García, Sandra Bullock and others.

Tess Bu Cuarón is currently 18 years old and is a successful young woman whose musical talents have made her a celebrity in social media where we can constantly see her videos in which she sings, plays the piano, and we even know that she also likes painting.

Finally, we have Olmo Cuarón, the youngest of this great director’s children who is just as artistic as his siblings. He is 17 years old and has an enormous talent in the field of digital animation, which he has shown in his own YouTube channel.

Olmo Cuarón is showing promise of becoming a great filmmaker in the years to come, his talents on film, music and animation show us that he will surely embrace these activities, plus he has all the odds in his favour to be successful.

Here is the link to his channel if you wish to see closely what he has been working on.

Alfonso Cuarón is already a legend in filmmaking in Mexico and in the world, and it is highly probable that his children will be too, each one in their own field, but they will all show that talent is also inherited and impossible to deny.

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