The night of the 2023 Academy Awards Ceremony was a fantastic opportunity for Mexican talent to stand out, and on this occasion, it was the renowned Mexican filmmakers Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón. The filmmaker of the moment, Guillermo del Toro, who recently won several awards for his most recent film “Pinocchio,” also won the Oscar for Best Animated Film after having triumphed at the Golden Globe Awards. But this time he was not alone, he was accompanied by the filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón who has also been acclaimed by critics and has received several Academy Awards, including Best Director for “Gravity” and his greatest success “Roma” for which he won three Oscars, among them for “Best Foreign Film.” Besides, Cuarón was accompanied on the red carpet by his two children, Tess Bu and Olmo Cuarón, who happens to be an enthusiast of animations.

This year Cuarón was nominated in the category for Best Short Film for his production “Le Pupille” although it did not take home the statuettes this time. However, this does not diminish his outstanding filmmaking trajectory since he has been nominated to the Oscar twelve times. Also, his son Olmo Cuarón has expressed that he is enormously proud of his father and that he has the intention to follow into his footsteps in the world of cinema since he has also worked in his own short film projects. Olmo Cuarón has stood out on his own right in the world of animation, he has his own YouTube channel in which he shares part of his work, and his videos have been praised for his technique and talent. We can see in his short films that, just like his father, he has the unique skills to combine the artistic style with the narrative.

Currently, at the youthful age of eighteen, Olmo Cuarón experiments with different filming techniques, such as stop motion, and one of his interests is the production of animation. He also shares his cartoons in his social media accounts which is proof of his great passion for art and creativity.

The night of the Academy Awards was a great moment to celebrate the Mexican talent in the world of film, and the names of Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón were present. Also, Olmo Cuarón has stood out on his own for his talent in animation and his great skills and talent have turned him into a promise of Mexican cinema.

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